The Art of Brewing Tea: Unveiling the Timeless Principles

The Art of Brewing Tea: Unveiling the Timeless Principles

Brewing a perfect cup of tea is an art that has evolved with time, yet the essence lies in the unchanging mindset behind the process. In this article, Lecup invites you to explore the nuances of tea brewing, combining both the evolving techniques and the timeless mindset that defines the true art of tea preparation.

The Everlasting Mindset

While the methods of brewing tea may change over time, Lecup believes that the correct mindset behind tea brewing remains eternal and often surpasses the importance of technical know-how. This article seeks to blend both the methods and mindset into six principles that encapsulate the essence of brewing the perfect cup of tea.


1. Quality Tea Leaves

    The foundation of an excellent cup of tea lies in the quality of the tea leaves. The importance of selecting high-quality tea leaves to ensure a rich and delicious experience has always been our mission. We emphasizes the significance of selecting premium tea leaves to ensure a rich and flavorful experience. Lecup selects high-mountain tea leaves from Taiwan. We emphasize tea quality and choose hand-picked tea to preserve the integrity of the leaves, allowing them to fully expand during brewing. This is the foundation for brewing a perfect cup of tea! The right choice of tea leaves sets the stage for a delightful brewing process. 

    2. Keep Peace of Mind

      Brewing tea demands a serene environment. We encourages the practice of quiet concentration during the brewing process. The ritual of making tea becomes a meditative experience, enhancing the overall quality of the brew. Brewing tea is not just a physical activity; it is also a practice of mindfulness. As Lecup wishes to convey, the time from brewing this cup of tea to savoring it is a moment of seeking a zen moment amidst the fast-paced of life.

      3. Joyful State of Mind

        The emotional state of the tea brewer directly influences the outcome. We advocates for a joyful and positive mindset, asserting that the energy invested in the brewing process contributes to the flavor profile of the tea. A happy mindset, in turn, creates a more satisfying tea-drinking experience.

        4. Cherishing Tea Leaves

          The tea brewer serves as the final gatekeeper of the tea's flavor. Proper handling of tea leaves is crucial, from measuring the right quantity to ensuring their proper storage. Lecup advises against touching tea leaves with wet hands and suggests for storing them in a sealed container in a cool, shaded place. Observations of subtle changes in tea leaves, including their condition, temperature, and the choice of teaware, allow for adjustments to achieve the optimal tea infusion.

          5. High Pour, Low Swirl

            To extract the maximum aroma from the tea leaves, we recommends a "high pour." Pouring hot water from a slightly elevated position enhances the release of fragrance. On the other hand, when transferring the tea into a container, a "low swirl" technique minimizes the formation of bubbles. This is particularly relevant for Taiwanese teas, which, being delicate, can experience undesirable oxidation and acidity if excessively agitated.

            6. Practice Makes Perfect

              The culmination of the principles lies in the ongoing practice of brewing tea. By consistently applying the above guidelines and refining the process through experimentation, one's tea-brewing skills are bound to improve. We encourages enthusiasts to embrace the journey of continuous learning and adaptation.


              In the ever-evolving landscape of tea culture, the art of brewing tea remains a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Lecup's Six Principles serve as a guiding light, reminding that beyond the techniques, it is the mindset and dedication we bring to the process that elevate the act of brewing tea to an art form. So, embrace the ritual, savor the aroma, and let the art of brewing tea become a timeless expression of craftsmanship and joy. Elevate your tea moments today!

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