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Ali Shan Jin Xuan Tea Bag

Ali Shan Jin Xuan Tea Bag

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Tea bag

Jin Xuan is a type of Taiwanese improved tea with a refreshing and sweet taste, accompanied by a subtle floral and milky aroma. Its thick and elliptical leaves give the tea a golden yellow color when brewed. As the tea leaves undergo a heavier fermentation, the milk aroma becomes less prominent. Jin Xuan is typically a semi-oxidized oolong tea that combines the rich sweetness of black tea with the freshness of green tea. It is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the unique characteristics of Taiwanese tea.

AROMA: Milk Flavor,Silky and thick taste

FLAVOR: A milk flavor, giving this tea a silky and thick taste

REGION: Chiayi County, Taiwan

ELEVATION: Around 1,100m

PRODUCT TYPE: Fresh Series

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