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Fang Gu Yixing Zisha Gongfu Teapot

Fang Gu Yixing Zisha Gongfu Teapot

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Fang Gu Teapot is in the "Drum" style and made from dark Zisha (Purple Clay). This classic design features a stout body and wide mouth with an unadorned handle and spout. With a max capacity of 150 ml, it is ideal for gong fu style brewing black and pu erh teas. Though it can be used for all types of tea.

Yuan Kuang Zhu Ni or original ore pure clay without coloring or powders added, and the red tone is pure and bright at the beginning. Over time it develops a beautiful bronze tone that is impossible to replicate.

There is an artistic and functional standard for evaluating Yixing teapots, refining tea-making by appearance alone. After considering the quality of the material, a balance exists between beauty and function. As tea lovers, our propensity is shape and style, which enhance the flavor of tea. These classic, refined shapes are a perfect canvas to create a deep luster and patina over time.

Yuan Kuang Zhu Ni 原矿朱泥

Fang Gu 仿古

Pure Handmade

Made in Yixing, China


Please note the liquid and capacity below before purchasing. Items are smaller than they appear.



Preparation For Use:
We recommend rinsing the teapot under purified or bottled warm water twice, the same quality water used for making the tea, then filling it with boiling water and emptying it two to three times. After this preparation, the teapot is ready for use.

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