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Four Seasons Tea Bag

Four Seasons Tea Bag

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Tea bag

Discover the Exquisite Four Seasons Tea: A Fragrant Delight Harvested Multiple Times a Year!

Indulge in the captivating aroma of Four Seasons Spring tea, carefully cultivated seven to eight times annually. Its remarkable fragrance, reminiscent of blooming flowers, sets it apart. Savor the pure, smooth, and refreshing infusion that lacks any bitterness or harshness. This tea's allure lies in its refined and soothing aroma, accompanied by a deep and flavorful profile. With a production process that embraces reduced fermentation, it beautifully combines the allure of oolong with the invigorating scent of green tea. Perfect for year-round enjoyment, Four Seasons tea is a must-try!


AROMA: Floral Fragrance. 

FLAVOR: Delicate fragrance reminiscent of gardenia flowers

REGION: Nantou, Taiwan

ELEVATION: 400 - 500 meter

PRODUCT TYPE: Fresh Series

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