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Honey Red Oolong

Honey Red Oolong

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Loose leaf

The small green leafhopper bites the saliva of oolong tender leaves, all fermented to produce honey-scented "red oolong". Its tea soup presents an amber-orange-red hue, resembling the color of black tea, yet the taste is that of oolong tea. The honey-scented red oolong is slightly bitter and rich, gliding over the throat with an instant sweetness, highlighting its unique honey aroma, making it a refreshing and relieving tea choice.

The biggest difference between red oolong and traditional oolong teas lies in the fermentation stage. This is the most distinctive feature of red oolong compared to other oolong teas, representing a revolutionary breakthrough in processing.

"Red oolong" is a distinctive tea created by combining the processing characteristics and quality features of oolong and black teas. Its fermentation level can be said to be the highest among oolong teas currently available.



AROMA: Honey, Fruit Fragrance

FLAVOR: The intoxicating honey scent reminiscent of ripe fruit.

REGION: Taitung County, Taiwan

ELEVATION: 1600 meter

PRODUCT TYPE: Fresh Series

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