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Fresh Li Shan Oolong

Fresh Li Shan Oolong

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Li Shan Oolong tea is grown in an environment with large temperature differences between day and night, with fog and mist all year round, and limited sunshine. As a result, it can only be harvested three times a year, resulting in a limited yield.

The tea leaves are dark green and produce a clear, elegant floral and fruity aroma when brewed. The tea is rich in pectin, vitamins, and aroma compounds. Its elegant, refreshing aroma and smooth, sweet taste will ease your mind with the first sip, leave a lingering aftertaste with the second, and create a long-lasting impression with the third.



AROMA: Floral, Fruit Fragrance

FLAVOR: Tea has a rich full taste is the best representation of high mountain tea

REGION: Taichung County, Taiwan

ELEVATION: 2,000 - 2,400 meter

PRODUCT TYPE: Fresh Series

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