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Oriental Beauty Tea Bag

Oriental Beauty Tea Bag

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Tea Bag

Experience the unique honey aroma of Oriental Beauty tea, crafted without pesticides or herbicides. These tea leaves are carefully bitten by small green leafhoppers, resulting in a special floral and fruity flavor. The cultivation process of Oriental Beauty is strictly natural, without the use of any chemicals. Hand-picked by skilled workers, the delicate and small tea buds of Oriental Beauty tea require high production costs. Only Darjeeling black tea and Oriental Beauty tea have this natural honey fragrance, making it a highly sought-after tea worldwide. This premium tea was even favored by the British royal family, earning the nickname 'Champagne Oolong'.




AROMA: Honey, unique nectar aroma

FLAVOR: a sweet mellow taste and the unique honey taste is its most distinct characteristic

REGION: Hsinchu County, Taiwan

ELEVATION: 300 -400 meter

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