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Ruby Black Tea - Tea Bag

Ruby Black Tea - Tea Bag

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Tea Bag

Ruby black tea, a unique Taiwanese black tea variety grown in the Sun Moon Lake region. With its natural cinnamon and mint aroma, the tea has a rich and flavorful taste that pairs well with milk or fruit. Its strong flavor is not easily overshadowed, making it perfect for cold brews with a refreshing taste.

Ruby black tea is perfect for starting the day with an energizing breakfast tea or as an afternoon tea paired with sweeter desserts. For tea enthusiasts, we highly recommend trying this tea. Ruby black tea is a must-try for anyone looking to experience the true taste of Taiwanese black tea.


CULTIVAR: Black tea

AROMA: Cinnamon, Mint

FLAVOR: The tea soup carries hints of cinnamon and mint flavor

REGION: Nantou County, Taiwan

ELEVATION: 700 -800 meter

PRODUCT TYPE: Large-leafed Black Tea

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